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Garbage Disposal and How Do Toronto Plumbers Detect Hidden Leaks

Plumbers Detect Hidden LeaksGarbage disposal is one of the unsung heroes of your household, efficiently getting rid of spare bits of food and similar organic detritus. We don’t usually think about it until it suffers from problems, but unfortunately, those problems need to be dealt with quickly or else it will clog up your entire sink. In towns like Toronto, Etobicoke, Scarborough, North York, garbage disposal repairs can be handled by most reputable plumbing companies.

Here are common problems experienced by a garbage disposal. If you spot them, you should call in a professional to get them addressed quickly and promptly.

Problems by a Garbage Disposal

No power.
Garbage disposals require electrical power to run, and when that power gets interrupted, it won’t function. The disposal may also become overloaded by a power surge or similar issue, which will shut it off before it burns out. Most disposals have a red reset button on the bottom. Press it and see if that fixes the issue. If it doesn’t, the problem requires a trained Toronto plumber’s attention.
A jam.
Certain items should never be placed in a garbage disposal, including chicken bones, peach pits, fibrous vegetable peelings from carrots and potatoes, and metal utensils. They can clog the mechanism and result in a jam. Never try to unclog a jam yourself: you can severely injure your fingers. A trained Toronto plumber can adjust the masher plate and safely unjam the mechanism before restoring power.
Garbage disposals can sometimes spring leaks from breached hoses, loose fittings and faulty seals. A plumber can clear them up in much the same way he or she repairs leaky faucets: by replacing the faulty components and ensuring that the new seal is tight.
If you spot these or other common problems experienced by a garbage disposal, call the experts at Mister Plumber right away.
Plumbing leaks are a common repair issue, but sadly not all of them advertise themselves by spreading water across your floor. Some of them happen out of sight, such as behind the walls or worse: under the concrete on your porch or walkway. In the old days, it was very hard to spot such leaks, and plumbers had to infer the location before drilling through the concrete to get to it. But nowadays, plumbers have many more tools at their disposal, and here in Tempe, leak detection is a much less painful prospect.

How do Toronto plumbers detect hidden leaks?

One of the most common methods it through a sonic detector, which can sense the sounds of the leak through the concrete and pinpoint its exact location. Leaks make noise, no matter how small they may be. A sonic detector can pick up that noise without having to dig, allowing you and the plumber to determine the best course of action from there.
Another new method of finding such leaks involves hydrostatic testing, in which an inflatable ball is placed in the line and inflated to stop it up. The whole system is then filled with water, and any line that can’t be filled or which loses water is presumably the source of the leak.
Finally, many plumbers also use of tiny video cameras to explore the pipes from the inside. The water is shut off and the camera extended on a flexible line. The Toronto plumber can monitor what the camera sees via a remote monitor until he or she finds the source of the trouble.
Once the source of the leak is spotted, the plumber can then take measures to correct it that keep damage to the underlying concrete to a minimum. Once you know how plumbers detect hidden leaks, you can see how much easier and safer it is to perform repairs. Water leak detection and other plumbing services in Toronto, ON can be performed by the experts at Mister Plumber.
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