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Galvanized Pipes - All About

What are galvanized pipes?

These are iron pipes that are usually covered with a protective layer of zinc. Over time, zinc erodes from the pipes resulting to corrosion building-up on the inside walls. Zinc erosion also results to lead accumulation. The corrosion and lead accumulation result to lower water pressure and lower water quality.Read More

How can you know that you have galvanized pipes?

It's very easy to know. You only need to find the area where your piping enters your home and then scratch it. If the piping is galvanized steel, the scratched area will have a silver-gray color. The area will also have threads.
If you are unable to find the area where the piping enters your home, you should ask your plumber to help you out.

Should you be concerned if you have galvanized pipes in your home?

Yes, you should. This is because you risk having lead in your water.
If you have galvanized pipes and lead service lines, you risk having lead released in tap water. The lead comes from the corroded pipes.
If your lead service lines have been replaced but you still have galvanized pipes, you are still susceptible to leap pollution.

Why is lead released in water even after removing the lead service lines?

Even after removing the service lines, there might still be some metal remnants remaining in the corroded pipes. The unfortunate thing is that the remnants in these pipes might persist for a long time and in some cases they can persist for the remaining service life of the galvanized plumbing.

What are the factors that can increase release of lead from the galvanized pipes?

One major factor is high water flow that removes most of the accumulated lead thus more lead is found in tap water.
Another factor is physical disturbances such as vibration of pipes when they are suddenly turned on or off quickly.
Any modifications or improvements to the plumbing also have great potential of increasing lead release.

What are the effects of lead in water?

Too much lead has the potential of damaging various body systems. For example, it has been shown to greatly affect the nervous and reproductive systems and kidneys.
The metal has also been shown to cause high blood pressure and anemia. The metal also interferes with the metabolism of calcium and vitamin D.

What should you do if you have galvanized pipes in your Toronto home?

The best thing to do is to talk to your local Toronto plumber who will help you come up with a solution.
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