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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Curtain Drains, Gutter Drains, Storm Drains and more

When most people think of plumbing services, they think of someone who will come inside their house and clean out a clogged kitchen sink or toilet drain. They think of someone who will install new toilets or faucets. But plumbing services include exterior work as well - they will clean curtain drains, storm drains and gutter drains.
It is essential that these drains be cleaned on a regular basis - whether by the home owner or by a professional Toronto plumber - because the integrity of your roof, attics, and basement depend on rainwater being directed away from your house instead of being allowed to insinuate its way into walls or onto floors and cause mold, mildew, or even worse destruction.

Curtain Drains in Toronto

In the Middle Ages, the aristocracy of Europe built castles to keep out intruders. One of the lines of defense against marauding knights on the side of the enemy was the "curtain wall", a defensive wall enclosing the living quarters. This wall had to be extremely high so that the enemy couldn't climb over it, and extremely thick so that cannon balls couldn't get through. A typical curtain wall was about 10 feet thick and 40 feet high, and presented a formidable barrier.
The principle is the same for a curtain drain. A curtain drain encircles your house - or at least part of it - and prevents water from seeping into your basement.
As a matter of fact, when people set out to purchase a house, that is one item that should be checked first - does the area get a lot of rain water over time, or is it subject to storms every now and then that dump several inches of rain on the ground. Does this water drain away from the home or does it periodically end up in the basement?
When water does enter the basement it can be cleaned up - but not after doing a lot of damage. The best thing to do is keep the water from ever getting in in the first place, and that means installing a curtain drain - and keeping it clean.
A curtain drain does not protrude above the ground, of course (still less 40 feet high!). It is simply a trench surrounding your home - or the water-endangered parts of your home, anyway - in which a perforated pipe is laid and angled so that it collects water and directs it away from the house. For easy access so it can be cleaned by a plumber, the trench is covered with gravel or even designer rock, not sod.

Gutter Drains in Toronto

A clue to whether or not a region gets a lot of rain is if every home in the neighborhood has gutter drains to ensure that water hitting the roof will be directed down the gutters and out into the yard away from the home. Leaves from trees looming over the home can clog these drains in the fall and cause havoc in the winter... or they can become clogged by bird's nests. Whatever the reason, you can hire a plumber to clear the gutters for you.

Storm Drainsin Toronto

Just as every city street has a storm drain set into the sidewalks to give rainwater a channel in which to receive runoff, so homes can have these drains as well... and of course they too can get clogged.
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