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Monday, September 15, 2014

DIY Pipe Cleaning and Repairs from Mister Plumber

Taking on drain cleaning tasks on your own can be entirely hit-or-miss, depending on whether or not you have the right tools and know-how beforehand. While it’s possible, or even likely in some cases, that your plumbing issues are an easy-fix, you should never go about DIY pipe cleaning and repairs blind.
If you’re not fully sure what you’re doing, or how the tools you’re using will affect your plumbing and drain pipes, don’t continue. Poor DIY plumbing can actually cause much more harm than good. When you’re truly in over your head with home plumbing problems, do not hesitate to call a Toronto professional.

However, if you’re feeling up to it and have the situation under control, here are DIY drain cleaning tips to help better prepare you for dealing with plumbing problems in your Toronto home.

- The Right Tools for the Job

When it comes to any DIY repair, having the right tools on hand is a must; this is still true with DIY plumbing repair and drain cleaning. Beyond the obvious plumbing tools (a plunger, wrenches, etc.), there are a few specialized tools you can pick up at your local home improvement store that are absolutely essential to any kind of home plumbing repair.
These tools include:
  • Pipe wrenches
  • Basin wrenches
  • Tongue-and-groove pliers
  • Hacksaws
  • Metal files
  • Tubing cutters

- Properly Diagnosing Your Plumbing Problem

With the right DIY plumbing repair tools at your disposal, you’ll be able to much more accurately diagnose your plumbing problems, such as the causes of clogged drains. With these tools (and the know-how to use them correctly), you’ll be able to reliably tell where a clog in your drains is located, or provide rough estimates for how extensive your plumbing issues are.
The best way to ensure your drains run efficiently continuously, and do not clog to begin with, is with these same tools; routine self-inspections are a key part of ideal home plumbing.

- Home Remedies Can Be the Effective Solutions

As it turns out, traditional home remedies to pipe clogging and drain repair do carry some real merit when it comes to resolving these minor problems. For starters, the plunger you have in your home right now could be the most effective tool at your disposal for eliminating clogging; it all depends on how well you use it.
For the best results, fill your clogged sink, tub or other fixture halfway with water, and form a tight seal around the drain entrance with your plunger (petroleum jelly can come in handy here, helping form a tighter seal around the drain in question). Once sealed, simply compress and decompress the plunger fluidly for around half a minute. The buildup of pressure will, in many cases, be enough to dislodge any clogged material in your drain pipe.
Another home drain cleaning technique involves the use of a baking soda and vinegar mixture. When combined, these elements react to one another and create a powerful dissolving agent, capable of clearing out more stubborn drain clogs. This solution is much safer than commercial chemical cleaner products, and delivers comparable, if not improved results.

- At-Home Drain Snaking

Even the professional drain snaking tools (or augers) that professional plumbing specialists use in the field are available for DIY cleaning tasks, and are very often found at home improvement stores across the country.
These tools, once only owned and used by the professionals, are actually very easy to operate, and can remove most clogging debris instantly. Professional-grade drain augers rid drains of clogs in one of two ways: by either latching onto the clogged materials, allowing the user to pull them out of the pipe directly, or by breaking away at the debris, sending it through your sewer system and out of your home plumbing.

- Clog Prevention is Simple

One of the best DIY drain cleaning tips we can provide is to avoid drain problems altogether with routine inspection and proper drain treatment. For the best results, we highly recommend self-inspecting your home drain pipes at least once per month, and having a professional inspection annually. With a consistent plumbing inspection schedule in place, you stand a much better chance of detecting, and resolving, drain performance issues early on.
Further, a wide range of drain pipe performance issues are the bare result of poor care and negligent plumbing behaviors; there are some things that just shouldn’t go down your sink or garbage disposal! By treating your home plumbing right, you can avoid many of the frustrating clogs and buildups that often result from poor care.

Namely, do not run the following through your drains or disposal system, as they are leading causes of common drain clogs:

  • Overly fibrous or starchy food products, such as celery, corn husks, potato and banana peels
  • Pasta or rice, which expand with water
  • Animal cartilage or bone
  • Paper or plastic products
  • Chemicals, grease or animal fat
source: expresssewer
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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Plumbing Emergencies? Fix them in No time with Emergency Plumbing Services

One common issue home owners are suffering from time to time is plumbing problems. It does not matter how many times you fix the problem or how much you have spent to get rid of this problem, later on, it comes back with a newer and more complicated version of the previous one. Your plumbing system in the house can be a subject to a lot of problems and defects in the most unexpected areas.
Issues like this are really frustrating and hard to get rid of. If you encounter a plumbing defect and you think you can’t handle it on your own, this might be the right time to call the experts and fix the problem for you. A good plumbing service company should be capable of taking care of all your needs regarding drainage system problems, from cleaning to detection and installation of a new drainage system.
The most common drainage problems homeowners face frequently are leaky pipes and blockages in the system. Regular maintenance of your plumping and drainage system is a good way of avoiding and preventing these issues. You do not have to worry about finding plumbing companies that can help you with plumbing maintenance since you can just scan your online directories and newspapers for their ads.
It is essential to have a professional fix your plumbing system problems. No one wants to risk their pockets and their plumbing and drainage system by hiring an inexperienced plumber to do the job because it might lead to a more serious problem. Make sure to get a licensed professional, more preferably a licensed plumber with multiple years of experience in this line of work.
A lot of plumbing companies has a 24-hour plumbing emergency service. When you experience plumbing emergencies which need immediate attention, they can take care of your problems and needs. When you own a commercial building, then this kind of plumbing service is perfect for your emergency plumbing situations. Drainage problem occur unexpectedly and may affect your business or commercial activities, so plumbing emergency services can help you fix your plumbing problems in no time.
You can easily find reliable plumbing services in your area by searching the Internet. Visit a website or two and see what they have to offer. Every homeowner wants an affordable solution to plumbing and drainage problems, and by comparing the services and packages of competitors, you can determine the most suitable provider for your plumbing needs.
In Toronto area, plumbing services are very easy to find via internet since almost all companies have websites now. Visit their websites and compare their services. People should be wise and practical in hiring a plumbing service company. Go for the affordable yet trustworthy companies that can cater your every need as a customer.
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