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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Nobody Wants to think about Sewage and don't Want to Think about a Sewer Backup

However, this is a very real issue, and it can and does happen. Those who find that they have this type of issue need to make sure they have a quality plumbing company that can come over to their house and set things right as soon as possible. Toronto plumbing specialists have seen these sorts of things plenty of times before, and they have the tools, techniques, and the knowledge to help. They find that several different things are common reasons for these types of backups.

Clogs in the Line

It's possible for the main sewer line that leads away from your home to become clogged. When this happens, the sewage has nowhere to go, and before long, it begins to back up into the home. When this happens in just one toilet in the house, or just one pipe line, chances are that it is actually just a clog in that particular line. However, when it happens to all of the toilets and sinks in the home, it means there is an issue with the main sewer line.
Clogs are often quite preventable, fortunately. With a bit of forethought, most homeowners can reduce the chance of getting a clog by following a few simple rules. First, make sure that you aren't putting too much down the toilet. Things such as diapers, facial tissues, and other debris are common causes of clogs.
Also, be careful of the items you are putting down the garbage disposal. For example, you never want to pour grease down the drain. It can harden and begin collecting debris, which can cause a big clog in your pipes and further on down to the connection to the main sewer line.
It's important to note that sometimes the clog is not your fault at all. Sometimes, the issue actually occurs further down in the municipal lines. They might have a blockage, and that could actually be what is sending the sewage back into your home.


This is something that can be difficult to handle, simply because roots seem to have a mind of their own. They can actually grow into the pipes, which can cause holes in them and then create blockages. It can also allow the sewage to go into the ground. They can even crush the pipes in some cases. Even when you don't have trees in your yard, neighboring tree roots may actually creep beneath the ground and damage the pipes.

Too Much Water

Those who have sump pumps know that those pumps can only handle a certain amount of water before they overflow. This sometimes happens when there is too much rain, and in some cases, it can cause a sewer backup into your home.

Old Systems Could Be the Issue

Those who have very old plumbing systems may find they are at a higher risk of one of these backups than those who have newer systems. The old pipes can only stand up to so much before something gives. It might be time to consider replacing them.

What Should You Do?

These problems generally happen relatively slowly, so you should be able to realize that something is wrong before the issue becomes too bad. If you notice anything out of the ordinary with your plumbing, it really is a good idea to get in touch with plumbing experts right away so they can check out the problem. However, sometimes you will find that the sewer backup can happen quite quickly. Regardless, you need to have help from the professionals as quickly as you can get it.
One of the biggest mistakes that many homeowners unfortunately make is ignoring the problem. They look for ways to reduce their expenses and feel that they can get rid of a clog with a little bit of Liquid Plumber. While that might help with some small clogs, it can give you a false sense of hope. You really do need to make sure you are working with professionals who have dealt with these kinds of backups before.
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Friday, April 25, 2014

Drain Backup by Toronto Plumbers

Blockage of the drain pipe that connects the home and city’s drain is the most common source of sewer backup and drain backup. This blockage in the sewer line can be caused due to a variety of reasons. The most common reasons being misaligned joints, soil settlement, infiltration caused by roots and many more. Sewer blockages can also be a result of solid debris, food, rags etc. that have been flushed down the drain.
Sewer blockage can be easily detected through the floor drain. Once blocked, the level of water in the pipe will rise to the level of your floor and beyond. The discharge will rise and may appear around the floor drain eventually. The degree of backup can be checked only by professional plumbers, like us, with the help of special equipment.

Causes of Drain Backup

  • Settlement of solid junk like debris inside drains
  • Infiltration by the roots of trees and shrubs
  • Gradual deposition of mud or pebbles on the drain joint
  • Accumulation of food or any solid kitchen waste
  • Accretion of things like hair, small pieces of fabric etc.

Health Repercussions From Sewer Backup

Sewer backup is often associated with a variety of health hazards. The filthy water that rises up to the drain level comes with a lot of germs and diseases too. Therefore whenever you notice your floor drain oozing water, the best thing to do is to stay away from it and call Mister Plumber plumbing service for a quick repair.

In the case that one of your family members, kids or pets come in contact with such filthy water, it is possible that they could suffer from following health problems:

  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Chills
  • Fever
  • Abdominal Pain

Treatment For Drain Backup

  • Whenever you detect that your drain floor is flooding your washroom or kitchen, then call Mister Plumber Services immediately.
  • Our reliable plumbers will first do a CCTV drain inspection to catch the root of the problem. This inspection enables them to find the precise fault at the exact location. Different kinds of faults have different strategies for treatment. For instance, mud settlement has a different approach and infiltration by roots has a different one.
  • Once the root cause is detected, then the plumber will enforce the relevant protocol. For roots, drain snaking is employed to cut the roots. The same is applied for mud and debris too.
  • However, if the settlements have become rigid with time then drain snaking will be of no use. In that case, hydro-jetting is used. Hydro-Jetting uses the  most innovative technique to clean the pipe. It can cut through the hardest dirt and roots.
  • Once, the cleaning is done, then another CCTV inspection is undertaken to ensure that the pipe or the drain is free from obstructions and blockages.

How to Prevent Drain Backup?

There are many rules that people can follow to make sure that they don’t end up in this situation. The following are some preventive measures:
  • Avoid putting inappropriate objects in the drain like rags or small pieces of plastic.
  • Never flush solid kitchen waste through the pipe. Not only will it block your drain, but it will also deteriorate there creating foul smell.
  • While gardening, make sure that your plants or trees in the yard are not directly above the pipeline.
  • Call sewer service experts, like those present at Mister Plumber, from time to time to check the pipes and drains. Maintenance plays a pivotal role in the health of your pipes and drains.
Effective techniques, budget pricing and reliable plumbers are the pillars of success at Toronto’s most advanced and popular plumbing company – Mister Plumber.

So, next time when you witness your floor drain offering you water instead of taking it – call our plumbing experts in Toronto immediately and seek professional help.

Is drain backup flooding your floor with water and germs? Don’t worry!

Call Mister Plumber NOW and we will dispatch an emergency plumbing team straight away.

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